The Mind Garden yoga studio is unlike any other studio in the surrounding area. Our boutique studio offers small size classes providing an intimate and supportive environment which allows for more personalized attention. Our experienced team of teachers are well-trained and dedicated to serving students by assisting them with practices cultivated to deepen the mind and body connection through somatic movement, guided breathwork, and meditation. Our teachers work in harmony with one another, each bringing unique abilities and gifts to our community. In addition to the small group classes offered throughout the week, private sessions can be scheduled with a number of our teachers. Specialty sessions include one-on-one yoga, yoga therapy, ayurvedic yoga and wellness guidance, children’s yoga, prenatal & postpartum yoga, trauma-sensitive yoga, chair yoga, herbalism, sound healing, reiki, and more.

our classes


Our 60-minute strong flow class is a physically challenging class designed to offer a full body workout. This style links breath and movement to both strengthen the physical body and calm the mind. Our teachers offer alignment cues and modifications to make this practice available to both newer students and well-seasoned practitioners looking to advance their practice.


Our 60-minute soft flow class is a slower paced variation of our strong flow offerings. These classes are planned to provide a physically challenging class at a pace that allows for refining body alignment in postures in a mindful way and at a pace which feels safe and supportive. This slow and intentional movement practice is meant to cultivate embodiment.


Yin Yoga is a slow, quiet practice that cultivates stillness, softness, and acceptance. Most of the Yin shapes are seated hip openers designed to gently release and lengthen the fascia of the hips and lower back. Shapes are grouped by anatomical archetypes designed to target different areas of the body and stimulate flow through the energy channels. Practitioners cultivate a deeper sense of embodiment in this somatic practice.


The benefits of the Restorative Yoga practice are received by holding comfortable positions for extended periods of time, with a passive attitude. This allows the nervous system to shift into the “relaxation response.” Students often drop into a state of conscious sleep called theta brain waves which shifts the nervous system into the parasympathetic state and actively returns homeostasis in the body. The majority of Restorative Yoga poses are practiced resting on the back or side body, supported by soft props, inviting deep relaxation and surrender.



Our Outdoor Yoga events are donation based and offered in the Mind Garden courtyard Saturday mornings, weather permitting. Hosting guest teachers allows us to provide a variety of yoga styles to be offered to the community. Yoga offerings will range from heat-building fast-paced movement, softer relaxation, sound healings, and fun for the whole family sessions. Our donation based model is meant to provide an opportunity for anyone interested in spending time taking care of their wellness while deepening connection within our community.

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