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A Warm Welcome From the Owners

Hi! Welcome to Mind Garden. We are so excited to share this space of healing and be in community with you.

In 2014 we, Leo and Sabine, met by chance in paradise. Sabine came from Amsterdam and Leo from San Francisco and we were studying to be therapists on the island oasis of Koh Chang, Thailand. We had aspirations to help people heal and had the incredible opportunity to learn from practitioners from all over the world. On a daily basis we would work helping people recover from addiction and then walk the beautiful sands of the Gulf of Thailand beaches meeting people that seemed to be finding wellness from the natural beauty, the wonderful people, and the holistic services that were abundantly available to all visitors. We thought we were there to become healers not knowing that we would undergo a transformation of mind, body, and spirit. We fell in love and often laid in the sands dreaming of ways to live this way forever. We would imagine our own place, a gathering place, were we could work with others while building community. We shared our thoughts, like we still do today, and came to believe that our belief in one another would one day present the opportunity to make our dream grow. When we found this location our hearts knew it was right and we have been working hard to bring our experiences and dreams to fruition to benefit this wonderful community.

It started in our minds, and just as our love and family has grown, we believe this beautiful location symbolizes the limitless potential of hard work and the human spirit.

It is our Mind Garden, A Gathering Place where all are welcome and where we hope to grow with each of you.

With Gratitude,

Leo & Sabine Martinez

About Mind Garden

Mind Garden – A Gathering Place is your one-stop-shop for wellness. In addition to our tranquil garden we offer yoga, meditation, holistic and cutting-edge mental health therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and naturopathic medicine all under one roof. Mind Garden is your quick get-away, your place to nourish, grow, explore and deepen your self-care practices and build a supportive community that allows you to be the best version of yourself.

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